With friends like these…..

To quote Ami Ayolon ex-head of Shin Beth; “Incremental tyranny is a process which means you live in a democracy and suddenly you understand it is not a democracy any more”. We have warlords like Trump who commit a gross act of aggression against another country, ignoring the fact that the war in Syria was instigated by the interference of the US and their allies. Once more we see that an attack by the US is backed by a call to Europe and in particular the UK to goad them into supporting additional attacks and ignore the collateral slaughter. Unfortunately, Europe and the UK are in some form of cerebral debt that leaves them with no alternative but to support America and its crimes against other countries. It doesn’t take an honours degree in international politics to realise that every, I repeat every, intervention by the US has so far failed miserably.

Let us briefly look at the history of the Syrian Conflict: Following the uprisings against rulers in Tunisia and Egypt during the 2011 Arab Spring, Syrians began to protest the Assad regime. Assad and his supporters cracked down on dissent violently and held on to power unlike leaders elsewhere. Hitherto peaceful protest then with outside help developed into an armed revolt. Rebels and deserters from the Syrian army formed the first of scores of rebel groups, the Free Syrian Army in 2011. The rest of Syria fell under the shifting control of rebel groups, criminal gangs and tribes all aided and abetted by America.

So, who is supporting whom: The U.S. claims it has conducted airstrikes against ISIS. How can we be sure? Because they have told us. Remember this is the country that can make clinical strikes against large tribal wedding parties, while maintaining its opposition to Assad. Unfortunately, the Daughter of Doom, Hillary Clinton, is now encouraging Trump to escalate his intervention. What a toxic mix!

Israel – is a supporter of those opposing the regime and conducts covert training for the Kurds while encouraging Christian militias from Lebanon to support the “rebels”. It has also attacked targets in its own interest which could mean anything.

The Kurds — Syrian Kurds have received support from Kurds in Iraq, Turkey and the Kurdish diaspora.

Turkey — Turkey has been a major supporter of anti-Assad groups. The country was initially reluctant to confront ISIS themselves to the point of allowing them free and unrestricted access to Syria through its territory.  Coincidentally it was Turkey that supposedly confirmed the Sarin gas attack.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar — Both countries support anti-Assad groups and have conducted airstrikes against ISIS, alongside other Arab nations such as Jordan.

A more detailed study shows the Syrian regime is pretty straightforward. Russia has supported them in various forms even before protests began. Iraq has facilitated Iranian supply flights through its territory and  placed elite shia militias  under the command of the Qods force (i.e., international wing) of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).

Iran, seeking to protect the Shia’s has been sending troops from its Revolutionary Guards and from its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah while also training Shia militias from Syria, Iraq and elsewhere

Oddly Assad has allowed Kurdish fighters to take over areas in the north, to weaken his Sunni enemies. But some Kurds have chosen to fight the Syrian Arab Army alongside the Free Syrian Army (FSA), and the Kurdish National Council (KNC) formally joined the Western-backed Syrian National Coalition (SNC). Kurdish fighters affiliated with the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), meanwhile, have spent much of their time recently fighting al Qaeda fighters and other Islamic rebels in the north of the country.

When al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) overran FSA rebels in  the town of Azaz near the Turkish border, Kurdish fighters fought ISIS with the ousted rebels.  (Jahbat-al-Nusra) is considered a separate al-Qaeda affiliate within Syria). Many in the opposition believe that the Syrian regime have helped bolster al-Qaeda’s presence in Syria to counter the less radical rebels.

In the recent past most of the largest Islamist factions recently denounced the SNC and  formed Jaish al-Islam  (“the Army of Islam”) with  the blessing of Saudi Arabia . The SNC-affiliated Free Syrian Army was dealt a significant blow by the formation of the Army of Islam but still works with the Army of Islam. Gulf states, led by Qatar and the Saudi’s, have been supporting Islamic factions since at least early last year. Private donors in Kuwait also contribute. Some rebel groups, most notably  Ahrar alSham , also benefit from Gulf donors (primarily via Qatar and Kuwait) and work with other rebel factions.

The SNC is supposedly the only viable political opposition, but almost no one on the ground supports the coalition. Furthermore, the SNC  recently rejected peace talks  while the Assad’s regime doesn’t recognize  its legitimacy anyway, so a political solution is not an option at this juncture.

And so, the American President launches 60 Tomahawk missiles believing that will make an impact and win him sympathy?




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