Lest we forget

Mr. Brendan Howlin leader of the Labour Party recently criticized Enda Kenny the Irish Prime Minister for visiting the American President Donald Trump. He claimed in his statement; I have some sympathy for Enda Kenny in grappling with this question. These are tough calls, but ultimately the decision must be based on which action you think will best represent the values of the Irish people, whom you are supposed to represent on such trips. Now considering what has been revealed in the past couple of weeks when the politicians, churchmen, medical profession and police force chose to ignore the perfidious practices of a certain order of nuns, I do not believe anyone in this country has the right to speak to another country on values.

The recent referendum to allow same sex marriage was very successful and the Irish people used every media outlet to proclaim to the world that we were a caring, libertarian and just society. Yet 43 years ago 700 to 800 single parents were not accorded any such care or justice from what seems the majority of the population. If ever a country was a victim of its own propaganda, then surely Ireland north and south is. We have the arrogant audacity to lecture others on how they should behave while forgetting there is a cupboard load of reasons we should keep quiet and work to shake our society into one that does respect rather than one that lectures others on the subject.

It is probably a symptomatic of our history where violence was always the result of debate, justified on the basis we were the most oppressed and religion our natural bolthole that we have developed as a nation that does not shock easily. We can verbally recount our disgust and horror post any atrocity but in no time the incident is too soon easily forgotten. Only to be followed by another. To put in context on the subject of single parent homes and other church and state abuses we have had the Ryan report, the Murphy report, the McAleese report, the Cloyne report, the Ferns report, the Raphoe report and now Tuam – you don’t get to pretend that you don’t know.


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