All’s fair in love and divorce

Doesn’t Brexit bring out the best in us? A democratic country in a free and fair referendum chooses to leave the European Union and votes 52% against 48%. Clearly in democratic terms this is a victory, but no, immediately on hearing the result some European countries cried foul. Their main assertion being that the pro-Brexiteers lied to the electorate. Now where did we hear that before. In every election I have had to suffer as a voter all sides have claimed the other was lying and it would appear that those who told the best lies got the largest proportion of votes, so what’s new? Judging by some sections of the media there would appear to be gloating in some circles that the UK will suffer eternal damnation on exit followed by plague, pestilence and debt will stalk the land. In the meantime, Ireland (26 counties) the friend, trading partner and nearest neighbour demands that the UK ensure that there is no restriction to free trade between the two islands and that citizens of both countries enjoy freedom of movement and equal employment rights while at the same time trying, the Irish that is, to poach their jobs. There appears to be a double standard here whereas on the one hand the Irish parliament as a whole expects the UK to bend over backwards to protect the trade between the two countries and on the other they have no conscience in liberating jobs and repatriating them to our shores, after all, all is fair in love and war, Irish style.

While on the subject of Brexit it astounds me that the process is expected to take years! Surely it is simply a case of each side issuing their demands and then reaching a compromise. This bureaucratic malaise is the reason why the Brexiteers won?


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